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Journal Article (Scholarly or trade)

If presented by volume:

  • Last name, First initial., Year. Title of article. Name of journal. Volume (issue):Page numbers.

Argo, W.R., and J.A. Biernbaum. 1995. Root-medium nutrient levels and irrigation requirements of poinsettias grown in five root media. HortScience 30(2):535-538.

Bordoli, J.M., and A.P. Mallarino. 1998. Deep and shallow banding of phosphorous and potassium as alternatives to broadcast fertilization for no-till corn. Agron. J. 90:27-33.

If presented by date:

  • Last name, First initial. Year article was published. Title of article. Name of trade journal. Day Month, Page numbers.

Davenport, C.H. 1981. Sowing the seeds. Barrons. 2 March, p. 10.

Magazine or Newspaper Article

  • Last name, First initial. Year. Article title. Publication title. Date. Page.

Davenport, C.H. 1981. Sowing the seeds. Barrons. 2 March, p. 10.

Mulvaney, D.L., and L. Paul. 1984. Rotating crops and tillage. Crops Soils 36(7):18-19.

Lee, S. 2007. The Lettuce Nitrate phenomenon. New York Times 4 Nov. pp G4.

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