• Author. Title [Type of Medium]. Place of Publication: Publisher; Date of Publication [Date of update/Revision; Date of Citation]. Available from: URL.

Hooper JF. Psychiatry & the Law: Forensic Psychiatric Resources Page [Internet]. Tuscaloosa (AL): University of Alabama, Department of Psychiatry and Neurology; 1999 Jan 1 [updated 2006 Jul 8; cited 2007 Feb 23]. Available from: http://bama.ua.edu/~jhooper/.

Parts of Web Sites (Webpages)

  • Title of Homepage [Type of Medium]. Place of Publication: Publisher; Date of Publication of Homepage [Dated of Citation of Part]; [Location(Pagination) of Part]. Available from: URL

AMA: helping doctors help patients [Internet]. Chicago: American Medical Association; c1995-2007. AMA launches exclusive partnership with the Reach MD Channel for medical professionals; 2007 Mar 26 [cited 2007 Mar 28]; [about 2 screens]. Available from: http://www.ama-assn.org/ama/pub/category/17469.html

Online Journal

  • Author(s). Article Title. Abbreviated journal name [Type of Medium(e.g. Internet)]. Date of Publication [cited Date of Citation]; Vol(issue number): Location. Available from: URL

Kaul S, Diamond GA. Good enough: a primer on the analysis and interpretation of non-inferiority trials. Ann Intern Med [Internet]. 2006 Jul 4 [cited 2007 Jan 4];145(1):62-9. Available from: http://www.annals.org/cgi/reprint/145/1/62.pdf

Happell B. The influence of education on the career preferences of undergraduate nursing students. Aust Electron J Nurs Educ [Internet]. 2002 Apr [cited 2007 Jan 8];8(1):[about 12 p.]. Available from: http://www.scu.edu.au/schools/nhcp/aejne/vol8-1/refereed/happell_max.html


  • Author(Last name, Full first name). Title of Message [Type of Medium]. Connective Phrase: Recipient (First name Last name). 2007 Mar 27 [Date of Citation]. [Extent].
  • The author must provide written permission to the publisher from the cited person (if living) or from the cited organization if the message is not accessible to scholars via the e-mail server's archive. The permission should be a statement in an "Acknowledgments" or a "Notes" section following the text of and article or placed at the end of a book's main text.
  • Note:¬†Many publishers will not accept email communications in the reference list. It is recommended that emails are referenced in text as they are personal communications. Should you decide to include an entry it should be formatted in the manner described above.

    Backus, Joyce. Physician Internet search behavior: detailed study [Internet]. Message to: Karen Patrias. 2007 Mar 27 [cited 2007 Mar 28]. [2 paragraphs].


  • Title [Type of Medium]. Place of Publication: Publisher . Beginning Date - [Date of Citation]. Available from: URL
  • Always begin with the title. If the word wiki is not included, using the content type "wiki" is strongly recommended.
  • Be aware, many wikis are not moderated. Since anyone can post text to most wikis, the validity of the content may be questionable.

The RHIO Wiki [Internet]. Washington: Center for health Transformation. 2006 Aug 21 - [cited 2007 May 5]. Available from: http://www.socialtext.net/rhiowiki/index.cgi

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