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Ordering a Reference List

  • In the reference list, list alphabetically by author

In Text Citations

Single Author

  • For in-text references, list the author and the year

Due to uneasiness on the part of male spectators the foot-long hotdog has been removed from the concession menu (Flanders 2002).

Multiple Works Published by the Same Author in Different Years

  • List the author and the years in chronological sequence

Flanders's studies of concession offerings (Flanders 1970, 1975) have shown that...

Multiple Authors

  • For 2 authors, list both names in the in-text reference, separated by "and".

...and the most recent work on the Flying Hellfish (Burns and Simpson 2001) is...

  • For more than 2 authors, list the first author followed by "et al." and the year

... but later studies (Carlson et al. 2004) determined that...

Corporation or Organization as Authors

  • List the initial letter of each part of name or readily recognizable abbreviation and the year

The landmark report on nuclear power (SNPP 1979) was...

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