References or Works Cited

  • Entries in the list are ordered alphabetically by author's last name, or if no author is given, by the title or a keyword

In Text Citations

Single Author

  • There MUST be an entry in the reference list for every text citation. List the author's last name followed by the year


Video games can provide health benefits to the sick (Haugen 2008).

Multiple Works Published by the Same Author in Different Years

  • List the author and the years in chronological sequence

Studies of gamer's at play (Flanders 1970, 1975) have shown that...

Multiple Authors

  • For 2 authors, list both names in the in-text reference, separated by "and"

...and the most recent work on Tetris (Sareth and Nukem 2001) is...

  • For more than 2 authors, list the first author followed by "et al." or "and others" and the year

... but later studies (Haugen et al. 2008) determined that...

... but in later studies by Haugen and others (2008) it was determined that...

Corporation or Organization as Authors

  • List the initial letter of each part of name or readily recognizable abbreviation and the year


The landmark report on nuclear power (SNPP 1979) was...

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