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All possible citation elements in order of appearance:

author | title | subtitle | editor, compiler or translater | edition | volume | series title | volume number |  publication: city, publisher, and date | page number | Source type: DVD, CD-ROM, or the URL location for an Internet source | date accessed

  • Include the edition if the citation is not the first
  • Include volume if a multi volume work is referred to as a whole
  • Include the volume number within a series if the series is numbered
  • Universally known publication cities such as New York or London can stand alone, if readers might be confused, or the a city with the same name exists, the state may be added with a comma after the city name
  • If the place of publication is unknown, n.p. may be used before the publisher's name within square brackets
  • Copyright dates are usually the same as publication dates. If the year of publication is unknown, the abbreviation n.d. in brackets, can be used in place of the year
  • If the year can be guessed, place the guessed year followed by a question mark (?) within brackets
  • For multiple years, only include the date that is of interest to the reader

Books with two through ten authors

  • List all author names in the order in which they appear on the title page. Only the first name is inverted
  • Use "and" between the authors names. For three authors, place "and" before the last author

Lumpkin, L. R., C. Simpson, and J. Hellsmuth, 3rd eds. 1989. Country singin' ain't for me. Washington, DC: Country Press.

Books with more than eleven authors

  • List the first seven author names followed by "et al", the first name being the only one inverted

Lumpkin, L. R., C. Simpson, A. Simpson, M. Burns, J. Lovejoy, B. Gumble, S. Christian, et al. 1989. Country singin' ain't for me. 3rd ed. Washington, DC: Country Press.

Books with no authors

  • If there are editors, put the names of editors, "a comma (,) followed by the abbreviation "eds"
  • If there are no authors and editors, begin with the title

Simpson B., N. Callahan, eds. 1989. Country singin' ain't for me. Washington, DC: Country Press.

Country singin' ain't for me. 3rd Ed. 1989. Washington, DC: Country Press.

Books with both authors and editors

  • Place the author's name first, the abbreviation "ed." follows the title, then put the editors

Lumpkin, L. 1989. Country singin' ain't for me. 3rd ed. Powers R, Simpson L, eds. Washington, DC: Country Press.

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