TO: Nancy Baker, Director of Libraries

FROM: WSU Libraries Planning Committee

Mary Gilles, Co-Chair; Marilyn Von Seggern, Co-Chair; Janet Chisman;

Vicki Croft; Rhonda Gaylord; Daryl Herbison; Lauren McNiece; Ingrid Mifflin; Barbara Paulson; Jill Palmer; Kay Vyhnanek; Sharon Walbridge; John Webb; Leslie Wykoff; Christy Zlatos

DATE: January 8, 1997

SUBJECT: Final Recommendations


With this memo the WSU Libraries Planning Committee submits its final recommendations and supporting documents. Following 10 months of workshops, town meetings, and surveys to gather input from library personnel, and weekly meetings to work through our charge, the Committee responds with the following:

Mission, Values, and Vision Statements

Principles and Philosophies

Organization Chart (with DC changes) and Narrative

Working Group Structure


The organization chart gained Committee consensus with the acknowledgement that no organizational plan is perfect. This model can be successful if the working group structure is effectively implemented and the organizational culture shifts to a more user-centered, participative and trusting environment.

The Planning Committee includes two requests with this submission: 1) a meeting with you to discuss the recommendations and answer any questions you might have, and 2) distribution of these documents to library employees as soon as possible.