WSU Libraries

Timeline for Establishing the Organizational Structure


Jan. Nancy Baker, Director of Libraries (DOL) memo formulating Planning Committee

Feb. 12 DOL meets with Planning Comm.

Feb. 15 Workshop on organizational values led by Susan Jurow, ARL

Feb. 16 Planning Committee meets with Jurow to design the planning process

March 1 Planning Committee web page announced

March 7-8,11 Mini-retreat values discussions for all employees led by those who had attended the workshop on organizational values held Feb. 15

May Jill Palmer to University of Arizona for workshop on UA reorganization that moved them to a totally team-based organization.

June 5 Town Meeting to discuss what services the Libraries should offer

June 13 Survey of services to employees

Nov. 18-21 Small group session for library employees to review Planning Committee materials

Dec. 4 Town Meeting to review Mission, Vision, Values Statement, new organization chart


Jan. 8 Final Planning Committee Recommendations to DOL

Jan. 15 DOL meets with Planning Committee to review recommendations

Jan. 23 Planning Committee Recomendations sent to library personnel

April 18 Director's Council* Response to the Planning Document

June 16 DOL response via libusers to concerns about the Planning Document

Aug. 11 First meeting of Library Council


Jan. LC day-long meeting with Kelsey Gray on Effective Organizations

Feb. 13 Town Meeting on organizational issues

June Ann Hennings presentations on Developing Effective Committees

July 28 Town Meeting on organizational issues


Sept. 22 Town Meeting on Strategic Priorities 1999-2000 and budget

Oct. 19-20 Library employee meeting with George Saete on Advanced Group Interaction

*Director's Council was the main governing body prior to reorganization. It consisted of Director of Libraries, Associate Director, Assistant Director of TSD, Assistant Director of Systems, Head of Hum/Soc Public Services, Head of Science Libraries