In recent decades, universities have identified serious concerns about the current state of scholarly communication. Lag times in the publication cycle and rising journal costs have forced scholars and libraries to consider other options for disseminating and accessing scholarly work. As an alternative to the traditional model of scholarly communication, these dissatisfied groups have proposed open access--a model that makes digital copies of research freely available to the general public.

As a land-grant institution, Washington State University also values open access to information, By sharing its expertise with a local and global audience, the university seeks to advance, extend, and apply knowledge in the world and on campus. As expressed in the recently completed "120-Day Study of the WSU Research Enterprise," the university strives to increase the visibility of its faculty and student scholarship in order to engage a wider national and international audience and, additionally, to facilitate opportunities for internal collaboration. In keeping with this mission, the WSU Libraries are continually developing services and resources to improve access to research at the university.

The WSU Libraries invite the university community to consult this guide to learn more about local scholarly communication services. Please contact Talea Anderson, or 509-335-2266, with any questions or requests for assistance.