Using Libraries' Services

The WSU Libraries primarily serve the educational and instructional needs of students, faculty, and staff of the University. To ensure that a quiet atmosphere is maintained, you are expected to comply with the following guidelines.

A valid WSU ID allows borrowing of materials and access to online library resources and databases. If you are not affiliated with WSU, you may apply for a library card at the circulation desk in any of the libraries.

Using Libraries' Materials

To provide equal, open and ongoing access to a wide variety of library materials in good physical condition, please handle library materials carefully. Many materials are fragile or irreplaceable.

Willful mutilation or destruction of library materials or property, e.g., by marking, underlining, removing pages or portions of pages, removing bindings, or in any other way injuring or defacing library materials is a criminal offense subject to academic sanctions and/or legal prosecution.

To prevent theft and vandalism, WSU Libraries employ a variety of security systems, including surveillance cameras and security gates. When approached by library staff concerning policy issues, you may be asked to present identification. If a security gate is triggered upon your exit, library staff may prevent you from leaving the building and may search your personal property, such as backpacks or briefcases.

All library materials must be checked out from the Access Services (Circulation) Desk before being taken from a library. Unauthorized removal of library materials or property will be treated as theft.

Access Services (Circulation) Policies

Print copies of the policies for borrowing materials, including information about fines, are available at each library's Access Services Desk, or check Access Services.

Borrowing From Other Libraries

Borrowers of materials from other institutions are responsible for their safekeeping and timely return, in addition to payment of any library fees or fines associated with those materials. For more information, ask at one of the Libraries' Access Services or Reference desks or check Interlibrary Loans


Library accounts must be cleared of outstanding fines before student care allowed to graduate or leave the University. You can make balance inquiries and payments online through zzusis.


Building and Equipment Access


Library building entrances, exits, corridors, and stairwells must be kept unobstructed to allow everyone to proceed freely at all times.

Exit the building promptly if an alarm sounds (or flashes).

Setting off a false alarm, tampering with fire-fighting equipment or engaging in behavior which constitutes a fire hazard is prohibited.

Libraries Buildings

Entering restricted areas of WSU Libraries or remaining in any library building after closing is prohibited.

Before posting informational materials or posters, please check at the library's Reference or Access Services desk.

To maintain a pleasant and comfortable environment, be careful not to damage the furniture. Follow posted instructions for appropriate usage of equipment and ask library staff for assistance when necessary.

Food, Drink, and Tobacco/Alcohol Use

Food and beverages are allowed in the WSU Libraries. All who use the Libraries are expected to be responsible and courteous to others by disposing of trash and recyclables and by cleaning up any messes.

No food or beverages are permitted in:
Manuscripts, Archives and Special Collections (MASC)
Terrell 103
Owen 319D

Tobacco products and alcohol are not allowed in the Libraries.

Maintaining a Quiet Study Environment

To ensure that a quiet atmosphere is maintained, behave in a manner conducive to study and research. In heavy use areas, such as Access Services or Reference, please keep noise levels at a minimum.

The use of rollerblades or skateboards inside the libraries is prohibited. Bicycles should be left outside.

Other activities which interfere with efforts to make the WSU Libraries a safe and quiet place for study, reading, and research are prohibited.


Those who violate these library regulations will be subject to appropriate University disciplinary action, or other legal action consistent with the Washington Administrative Code (WAC 504-40).