Project Description: In September 2010, The Association for College and Research Libraries released the report The Value of Academic Libraries, authored by Megan Oakleaf of Syracuse University. The report frames the challenge for academic libraries in responding to today's economy, of demonstrating the value they bring to the communities they serve, and the more problematic lack of hard evidence demonstrating such. Oakleaf's report suggests twenty-two methods for demonstrating the value added.

A project-team reviewed Oakleaf's Value Report with the objective of identifying methods with potential to demonstrate impact to the university community, ultimately identifying ten methods (project-team report). The current project advances the work of the Values of Libraries Project-Team utilizing their recommendations with the aim of collecting evidence that demonstrates how the libraries have contributed to their overall success at WSU and beyond.

This long-term project is expected to take a multi-faceted approach. The initial push is to develop capacity and procedures for documenting which students receive library instruction, documenting dates, course information, and frequency of instruction. To that end, the Libraries developed the Library Instruction Session and Participant Database to assist in documenting students served in instruction sessions and developed criteria for reporting. These tools will inform the Libraries as to which students receive instruction, in order to better target instructional offerings.

The second phase purports to identify a cohort of students with frequent access to information research instruction, and conducting a survey soliciting their perspectives on the impact the libraries have had on their academic and/or workplace success, has been integrated into Assessment Team Goals for the 2010 - 2011, and 2011 - 2012 years.

Project Leader: Steve Borrelli

Team Members: Dario Alvarez Miranda, Lara Cummings, Corey Johnson, and Alex Merrill