Project Description: The Libraries exist to support the educational and research needs of the WSU community. As those needs evolve, so too do the Libraries. We strive to anticipate and react to the changing needs of our user community in a timely manner. Several methods are used to solicit information including the Association of Research Libraries LibQual+ survey. The solicited information is utilized to improve library services and facilities to better meet the needs of library users (see the We Hear You Campaign).

Beginning in 2002, the Libraries began conducting the LibQual+ survey. LibQual+ solicits user opinions of service quality assisting libraries by providing qualitative and quantitative data used in decision making processes to improve user services. After completing the survey in 2003, the Libraries moved to a three-year cycle for conducting the survey, completing it for the fourth time most recently in 2009. The Libraries plan to conduct LibQual+ in the Fall of 2012.

Project Leader: Steve Borrelli

Team Members: Jerry Becker, and Robert Ferguson

Project Products: