Online Only Publication [Website]

  • Organization/group/university publishing it. Year. Title of the website. URL address (accessed date; verified date). Publisher, city, state.

USDA - National Agricultural Statistics Services Census of agriculture. 2000. Published estimates data base (PEDB) [Online]. Available at (accessed 15 May 2001; verified 24 Aug. 2001). USDA-NASS, Washington, DC.

Wear, D. 2000. Research projects, Southern Forest Resource Assessment Consortium [Online]. Available at econ/research/sofac/projects.htm (modified 13 Mar. 2000; accessed 8 July 2000; verified 22 May 2001). USDA Forest Serv., Research Triangle Park, NC.

Online-only Journal Article

  • Last name, First initial. Year. Article Title [Online]. Available at URL. Journal Title. Vol.(issue): Page numbers.

Kampf. S.K., M. Salazar, and S.W. Tyler. 2002. Preliminary investigations of effluent drainage from mining heap leach facilities [Online]. Available at www.vadozezonejournal. org. Vadose Zone J. 1:186-196.

Zhang, Q., L.C. Davis, and L.E. Erickson. 1998. Effect of vegetation on transport of groundwater and nonaqueous-phase liquid contaminants [Online]. Available at J. Hazard. Subst. Res. 1:Article 8.

Personal Communication (Email)

  • Last name, first initial. Personal communication. Year, day month.

Note: technically personal communications are to be cited in text only. If you decide to include a citation in your reference list follow the example below.


Koenig, T. Personal communication. 2007, 22 October.

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