Library Instruction Partners Programs

English Composition

Erica England

The Library Instruction Team works closely with instructors in the English Composition Program. All Engl 101 sections have at least one library instruction session, and most of the upper division Engl Comp courses do as well. In the library sessions, the students learn about library services, Search It, electronic databases, and subject specific materials. The Libraries have a number of online computer labs where students are able to participate in an active learning environment.

University College (UCOLL)

Erica Nicol

University College (UCOLL) teams with the WSU Libraries in many educational endeavors. UCOLL 300, Accessing Information for Research, is a one-credit course offered as a cooperative effort between University College and the WSU Libraries. All sections provide a small-class environment and are taught exclusively by library faculty members. The course is designed to aid students in understanding the components of the modern "information landscape" including scholarly communication and the Internet. Librarians also provide support and instruction through UCOLL's First year Focus and Common Reading programs.

Honors College

Corey Johnson

Library Instruction supports the Honors Program by offering specialized orientations and research instruction for a host of UH offerings. All Engl 298 (Honors' writing fundamentals course) students receive library instruction, and many 200 level Honors instructors do collaborative teaching with librarians. Librarians also work with the Honors Freshman Experience Seminar (UH 198) and with the Honors Thesis preparation course (UH 398).

Intensive American Language Center (IALC)

Erin Hvizdak

The academic success of international students rests, in part, in their ability to take full advantage of the research services offered to them by the Libraries. For this reason, Library Instruction works with the Intensive American Language Center to assist students in the process of acquiring research and information literacy skills.

K-12 Education and Outreach

Corey Johnson

The goal of nurturing an information literate citizenry necessitates an instructional program which permeates the entire formal education sequence. As a land-grant institution, WSU is committed to serving the regional community. The WSU Instruction Team has forged strong relationships with the local and regional K-12 schools. Each year the WSU Libraries host many K-12 groups, providing them information literacy instruction and access to library resources.

Roots of Contemporary Issues

Corey Johnson

All Roots (Hist 105 and 305) course sections across all WSU campuses do a standardized library-based research assignment. Librarians provide instructional sessions and reference support for this research. Students learn about accessing materials in the library and evaluating information resources.

The Writing Center

Marilyn Von Seggern

Library Instruction works with the Writing Program in many ways. A representative from Library Instruction sits on the All-University Writing Committee, which evaluates courses applying for the M Course status. The Head of Library Instruction consults with the Director of the Writing Center, the Director of the Writing Program and the Director of the English Composition program to promote information literacy throughout the curriculum and to ensure that student research needs are being met.

WSU Online

Erica England

Library Instruction works closely with WSU Online to develop course curriculum supporting research by WSU's distance student population. The Library Services for WSU Global Campus LibGuide outlines all of the services and resources available to WSU Online students.