Honor with a Book!

One of the benefits of giving to The Libraries at WSU is bookplates in your own name, or in honor or memory of another person. Please mail this form with your donation to ensure correct processsing.

$250 or more can buy
one new book in veterinary medicine, pharmacology, or related fields

$150 or more can buy
a new book in the sciences, engineering, and agriculture
a new book in architecture or related fields

$100 or more can buy
conservation, treatment, and preservation of older books, photos, and maps

$50 or more can buy
a new book in the arts and humanities
a new book in the social sciences or education
a new academic video or CD

Make an annual gift to WSU Libraries now. For all other giving questions, please contact: Dawn Butler, Director of Development

WSU Libraries, PO Box 645610, Washington State University, Pullman WA 99164-5610, 509-335-9671
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