Betty Galbraith
Librarian IV/Full Professor
Tenured Faculty
Pullman - Owen Science Library
Research Services

I am subject librarian for the following subject areas: General Biological Sciences, Botany, Cell Biology, Genetics, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Molecular Biosciences, Molecular plant sciences, Zoology, Geology, Environmental Sciences and Regional Management, and Natural Resource Sciences. This involves liaison work with the faculty and teaching information literacy sessions in their courses. Other areas of special subject expertise are arctic research, and history of the Alaska natural gas pipeline.

I am currently interim liaison to agricultural sciences, animal sciences, crop and soil sciences, entomology, food science, horticulture, integrated plant sciences, plant pathology, viticulture and enology.

Library instruction is a major aspect of my responsibilities. I teach subject information literacy classes in my liaison areas, English class sessions, and orientation sessions for new graduates in my liaison areas and other special constituencies. I teach MBios 580, and co-teach MBios 320. In addition I create online lectures and help documents for specific courses in my liaison areas.

My audiocasts are at