Subject Specialists

Subject Specialist Librarians (by name)

Subject Specialist Librarians (by subject):

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Subject Reference/Research Help and Instruction
Accounting Mary Gilles
Agriculture, General Lara Cummings
American Studies Lou Vyhnanek
Animal Sciences Lara Cummings
Anthropology/Archaeology Erica Carlson Nicol
Apparel, Merchandising, Design and Textiles Mary Gilles
Architecture Christy Zlatos
Asian American Studies Gabriella Reznowski
Asian Studies Lou Vyhnanek
Astronomy Eileen Brady
Bioengineering Eileen Brady
Biological Chemistry Eileen Brady
Biological Systems Engineering Chelsea Leachman
Biology Betty Galbraith
Biotechnology Eileen Brady
Black Studies Gabriella Reznowski
Book History Bob Matuozzi
Botany Betty Galbraith
Cell Biology Betty Galbraith
Chemical Engineering Eileen Brady
Chemistry Eileen Brady
Chicano Studies Gabriella Reznowski
Civil and Environmental Engineering Chelsea Leachman
Classical Studies Trevor Bond
Communication Erica Carlson Nicol
Comparative Ethnic Studies Gabriella Reznowski
Computer Science Eileen Brady
Criminal Justice Lorena O'English
Crop and Soil Sciences Lara Cummings
Dance Lorena O'English
Economic Sciences Mary Gilles
Education Christy Zlatos
Electrical Engineering Chelsea Leachman
Engineering - General Betty Galbraith
English Composition Lou Vyhnanek
Entrepreneurial Studies Mary Gilles
Environmental Engineering Betty Galbraith
Environmental Science Betty Galbraith
Film Studies Gabriella Reznowski
Finance, Insurance, Real Estate Mary Gilles
Fine Arts Bob Matuozzi
Food Science Lara Cummings
Foreign Languages and Culture Gabriella Reznowski
Genetics Betty Galbraith
Geography Marilyn Von Seggern
GIS (Geographical Information Systems) Marilyn Von Seggern, Joel Cummings
Government Information (U.S. Federal, State, Local, International) Marilyn Von Seggern
Higher Education Christy Zlatos
History Lou Vyhnanek
Horticulture Lara Cummings
Hospitality Business Management Mary Gilles
Human Development Christy Zlatos
Human Nutrition Mary Wood
Information Systems Mary Gilles
Interior Design Christy Zlatos
International Business Mary Gilles
Landscape Architecture Christy Zlatos
Law Mary Gilles
Library Science Lou Vyhnanek
Linguistics/Pedagogy Gabriella Reznowski
  • American Literature
Bob Matuozzi
  • Classical Literature
Trevor Bond
  • English Literature
Bob Matuozzi
  • General Literature (Criticism, theory, belles lettres, etc)
Bob Matuozzi
  • World Literature
Gabriella Reznowski
Management and Operations Mary Gilles
Marketing Mary Gilles
Mass Media Erica Carlson Nicol
Materials Science Eileen Brady
Mathematics Chelsea Leachman
Mechanical & Materials Engineering Chelsea Leachman
Microbiology Betty Galbraith
Military Science Lou Vyhnanek
Molecular Biosciences Eileen Brady, Betty Galbraith
Molecular Plant Sciences Eileen Brady
Music Bob Matuozzi
Natural Resources Betty Galbraith
Native American Studies Gabriella Reznowski
Neurosciences Lara Cummings
Nursing Bob Pringle
Pharmacy Bob Pringle, Mary Wood
Philosophy Bob Matuozzi
Physics Eileen Brady
Plant Pathology Lara Cummings
Political Science Lorena O'English
Psychology Christy Zlatos
Religion Bob Matuozzi
Rural (and Community) Sociology Lorena O'English
Science, General Chelsea Leachman
Shock Physics Eileen Brady
Sociology Lorena O'English
Speech & Hearing Sciences Eileen Brady
Sport Studies Lorena O'English
Statistics Chelsea Leachman
Theatre Lorena O'English
Veterinary Medicine Lara Cummings
Women's Studies Erica Carlson Nicol
Zoology Betty Galbraith